Haute Spot: Is Dita von Teese’s Look Attainable?

Dita at the Australian Melbourne Cup (Source: Dita von Teese)

After seeing the latest round of photos of my style icon (second only to Audrey Hepburn in my eyes) Dita von Teese, I sighed in raptures.  I’m a heterosexual female who adores fashion, Paris and glamour.  But there’s just something about Dita: I think I have a crush on her.  As I poured over the latest round of photos, I chided myself: why couldn’t I be lithe, graceful, and impeccable at all times?  Is Dita von Teese’s look even attainable for the average working woman?  While there can only be one Lord of the Rings Dita, I do think there are some things that us mere mortals can do to have a little of her style rub off on us.

Source: Just Jared

1.Dare to be unique.  You don’t become a darling of the fashion world and a fashion icon by blending in with the crowd.

Source: Just Jared

2. The F-word: Embrace your femininity and cultivate a “highly feminine” look.  Wear dresses most of the time.  Wear hosiery.  For God’s sake, wear a little makeup!  Dita’s look seems to consist of foundation, powder, red lipstick, liquid eyeliner and blush.  If she wears more than that, she’s good because I can’t detect it.

Source: Purse Forum

3. Go vintage (or look vintage): I’ve had bad luck buying vintage things over the years but it’s possible to look deliciously retro while wearing modern designers.  Dita seems to wear a fair amount of Parisian ready-to-wear and couture. Go for retro makeup, nails, (i.e. the infamous half-moon manicure), and hairstyles.

Source: Just Jared

4. The Devil is in the Details: Don’t forget to don a chapeau (i.e. a sequined beret, fascinator or hat), wear opera-length gloves, or tie a silk head-scarf Grace Kelly style.

Source: Just Jared

5. Glamour is the name of the game: wear things that make you look and feel glam i.e. fur (even if faux if all you can afford), lace, sequins, etc. Watch 1940s film noir for inspiration. (I highly recommend The Asphalt Jungle and Murder My Sweet.)  Wear the highest heels you can manage, even if it’s only 2 inches.  You just feel different when you wear heels (and you walk differently too).  Wear signature pieces of jewelry i.e. brooches, rings, necklaces that make a statement (costume is okay).

The most important advice is, I think, to be true to yourself, follow your passion, and the world can become your oyster.  Here’s to living a fabulous life like Dita von Teese!


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