Movie Review: The September Issue

Anna Wintour is a bad b. And I say that with the utmost respect lol. It was a wonderful treat to watch The September Issue and to get a glimpse into the inner workings of Vogue. Seeing The Devil Wears Prada a few years ago gave many of us insight into how crazy life can be at a fashion magazine, thus scenes from The September Issue were familiar: Anna being chauffeured around town in various town cars, unexpected run throughs for the staff, visits to designers where Anna can “suggest” that they edit unapproved looks from their line. What was missing, however, was the “bitch on heels” impression that one might gather from Anna’s withering stare (see photo above). Anna actually smiles. She seems friendly and personable. She seems to be a warm mother. However, she has an air of mystery. And she seems very exacting. She also seems to have armor around her and as one of the mag staffers says: “anyone who needs to get to Anna can get to her.” I don’t think Anna ever wanted to become accessible to everyone or become a celebrity who belongs to the masses. Anna is completely in control of herself. I also love that she’s serious about fashion (although her daughter, Bee thinks fashion is sometimes taken too seriously).

Other characters who also made the movie interesting: the colorful Andre Leon Tally, whom I met and had the pleasure of hearing lecture a few years ago. He wrote a great autobiography (ALT: A memoir) which I recommend. Grace Coddington stands next to Anna as the yang to her yin. She’s soft where Anna is hard. She’s more romantic and wistful while Anna is more modern. She’s quietly stubborn where Anna is outwardly demanding. In the end, both women compliment each other.Princess Grace

Let’s talk about the actual cover girl for a quick second. I was not impressed with Sienna Miller, that hair style, or the actual cover. I just don’t get the hype about her and thought her to be undeserving of the cover. At least that wig would have been interesting. But the way they slick her hair up into that anemic bun/ponytail was not right. But as we know, that issue was from 2007 so they are long past that. With NY fashion week happening as I type, I’m sure the fashion triumverate is already focused on compiling Spring trends. I heartily recommend seeing this film, especially since it will be released across the U.S. today.

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